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gotta get up out of here
gotta get up out this place
this world is not my home
i'm from from another place
not not from outer space
never been one to acknowledge pain
cuts over prior scars
history repeating again and again
to expect different is insane
without change that's the definition
my dreams they come true
nightmares are a premonition
my brother's my competition
am able to cain him
or will he cain me
will i show him the taste of defeat
i'm a seasoned veteran meaning that the
the past has left me salty
i'll never lose again
all i think is win-win
gotta harness the rage within
weaponize my emnity
convert it to energy
embrace the inner me
i recognize my enemy, stop following in my footsteps stop with the mimicry
you'll never be better, you'll never be me, you'll always be short, the corrupted copy dolly
you're a sheep you're a clone, don't do me, just do your own,
or unleash this wrath this i hold
know what

I'm bout to blow,
just like a bomb, i'm bout to detonate,
5,4,3,2,1 gone blow,
my fuse is lit i'll blow,
no disarming i'll blow,
countdown to the end i'll blow,
tic-toc toc-tic, i'm a blow up,
i'm a blow, i'm a blow, i'm a blow up
i'm a blow, i'm a blow, time to blow up
i'm a blow, i'm a blow, i'm a blow up

What you thought that I didn't notice
Did you take my kindness for weakness
What you thought I was gonna let it go
Let it slide, no emotions no feelings
If so, then you got the wrong picture
Cause reality is far from that
Situation burning my insides
I'm at a fever pitch,
I can't hold it in much longer
Emotions starting to show
Eruption's imminent
I know i'm bout to blow,
Patience is running thin
Matter of fact it ran out
Thoughts of revenge are steady creeping in,
Gotta get even, or better,
Find myself scheming plotting there's no stopping this chain reaction
Time for some action, they gone be like what happened, pre-meditated crime of passion
He snapped, he lost it, if i did i can show you what caused it
calm down regain control, you got reputation to uphold
no, no consequence no change
ima sun tzu art of war chi cheng, never again never again,
clearly i confused your intent mistook you as a friend
so prepare to defend never mind i'm a catch you by surprise like you did me
i see my enemy, know my enemy, know that you ain't no kin to me



from The O​.​P​.​P., released March 22, 2011


all rights reserved



Entelleckt St. Louis, Missouri

Sounds like a Cee-Lo, Andre 3000 and Lupe Fiasco cypher.

Fed up with the message of conformity broadcast to the masses, Entelleckt makes music to inspire you to follow your dreams, follow your passion, and think for yourself.

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