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High On Life

from by Entelleckt



I'm gonna jets because YOLO,
You only get one shot so aim high star gazer rocket life,
Son of a solar eclipse that means I'm out of sight,
My light's so bright I could damage your eyes,
In my mind's eye, I'm envision my ambition, stuck in a dream state,
Like I'm caught in inception,
Headed towards my goals gotta go the right direction,
I can't burn bridges gotta act with discretion,
In pursuit of perfection and affection,
This album is a collection of my confessions,
When they ask me my profession I say,
Freedom fighter, musician, engineer, producer/songwriter,
There's songs I write for me and there's songs I write for you,
There's songs to get you hype and there's songs to get you through,
By the way shout out the klub, DeucePolar hold up,
When they make you mad hit em with the chorus

I can't let these people stress me,
I ain't trying to join your drama team,
I'm just high on life, me I'm just high on life
I said high on life, life,
I can't let these people stress me,
I ain't trying to join your drama team,
I'm just high on life, me I'm just high on life

Life's a game and the people merely players
(they say you) gotta know the rules if you tryna win i disagree,
i think success is determined by your objective,
cause when you reach your goals then who can tell you different, huh,
that's right hater immunity, progress is the vaccine, passion is the drug of choice,
call me dr. entelleckt i'm serving you medicinals, prescribing you the YOLO red pill, here you go,
take it take it, free yourself the Matrix,
if you can free your mind then i promise that you'll fly.
flyer than the rest of em celestial,
if you're afraid to push your limits then you'll never know,
all the people saying no know that they can't get you there, you gotta believe in yourself if you hope to go anywhere, yeah
don't let these people stress you out take a second hold up
when they make you mad hit em with the chorus, i can't

[Chorus x2]


from The O​.​P​.​P., released March 22, 2011


all rights reserved



Entelleckt St. Louis, Missouri

Sounds like a Cee-Lo, Andre 3000 and Lupe Fiasco cypher.

Fed up with the message of conformity broadcast to the masses, Entelleckt makes music to inspire you to follow your dreams, follow your passion, and think for yourself.

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