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My Way Home [Produced by Myka]

from by Entelleckt



i'm from everywhere and nowhere no city limits,
i can't even get homesick no home to visit,
or maybe everywhere's my home just worldly living,
or maybe i can't find a home in this world we live in,
one thing that i know for sure this music keeps me driven
a day without music for me is like living in prison
studio inside my cell that means i'm living large
i'm in that four by four cage sixteen bars
i do my time i go hard on every track every song
i bring life to the mic like phantom power
if i could i'd make music twenty-four hours, Jack Bauer
i'm a beast and these beats i devour,
not street i'm a nomad, a wayfarer,
i move like a military brat, i adapt
like the predator eleven steps ahead of ya,
searching for the welcome mat
they tell me home is where the heart is at

looking for a place to go
looking for a place to stay
i've gotta find
my way home
my way home
my way home
my way home

momma says her son is lost, try to make my father proud
i gotta find myself although barriers surround
i gotta overcome these internal walls of doubt
not to mention all the negative people around
bet that they'll be down when i do it when i make it
they'll be looking for a handout i'll give it and they'll take it,
but i'm homeless now can't forget this moment, this here and now,
test me to the core man i'm lower than rock bottom, i'm lower than the mantle,
looking to the sky like what more can i handle,
wrong thing this to ask if you ask it he will give it and i read the book of Job now my life is like a sample
failed too many classes and they took away financial aid
credit score so bad got turned down by Sallie Mae,
eviction notice on the door, i gotta leave where do i stay,
those apartments were overpriced anyway
(so i'm looking)


i gotta catch a break all i need is one chance
man i know that i'll advance
won't throw it away, won't put it waste
gotta take advantage i'm a do what it takes
to find myself a home and place to reside
i'm in survival mode you can see it in my eyes
that i'm sleep deprived i'm on my last leg
but that last leg is strong anchor
pass me the baton and i'll finish it thank you
reached out to my brothers and they put me on
my brothers man they held me down
should've gone to them along
tried to do it on my own struggled but i'm better now
Biggest thing in my way was pride
It goes before the fall and fear kills your mind
Money problems aside overcame and moved on
and then moved in at last i'm home

[chorus x2]


from The O​.​P​.​P., released March 22, 2011


all rights reserved



Entelleckt St. Louis, Missouri

Sounds like a Cee-Lo, Andre 3000 and Lupe Fiasco cypher.

Fed up with the message of conformity broadcast to the masses, Entelleckt makes music to inspire you to follow your dreams, follow your passion, and think for yourself.

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