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On My Way ft. Erick Richardson

from by Entelleckt



[Verse 1 - Entelleckt]
Man I mastered this beat
And i mastered the flow
Gimme gimme 20 minutes
And ill come back with more heat
Get up out your seat
Turn the volume up
When you playing my cd
I can speed up or slow it down
Keep the bass thumping round the town
Jet Li woofers kicking hard man they beating the block down
Clown Homie play this entelleckt when I'm on the stage is my name making good music everyday everyday get better better man I'm steady learning as the tic toc time is passing
walk the path untrod
Man I wanna no im gonna follow my passion
YOLO you only live once one time to make it count
They say you gotta roll with the punches
Or else you'll get knocked out
I think I'm well endowed
I don't mean to sound conceited
And if your girl has doubts
I can make her a believer
I'm talking talent wise
Gutter minds see double meaning
Recognize the ingenius ingenuity
Of what you're hearing
Vision of my dream yes a vision of my dream
Soon i'll see it in reality
sometimes it seems

Everybody asking me the same thing,
When you gone make it in the industry,
You better than the radio, you should be mainstream,
And every time I hear you man you coming with that heat
So I tell em that I'm
On My Way

[Verse 2 - Erick Richardson]
Hey E, I heard you quit your job,
Damn, dawg, you had it good,
Now you just another broke rapper in the neighborhood (I sing too),
It's so many cats here makin' music for the masses,
You should go back to school,
Why don't you take some classes?
Well, because I wouldn't pass em,
My head is in the sky,
I decided I'm a fly, or die, oh why,
Is it so hard for you to try,
I know you see people passin',
I'm tired of people askin',
Did you save your money? (no),
Do you got a deal? (no),
You gone change your mind? (no),
Well, boy, just keep it real (well, alright),
Now I'm following my passion,
Got tired of wearin' polos,
I did this thang for YOLO,
I'm the captain of my soul,
Inviktus in my brain,
I promised Momma I won't be a victim to the chain,
Make the world know my name,
Put my girl on a private plane,
I gotta prove to people on my team I am not insane,

When I break into the game
Then they'll finally see
Gimmie gimmie 2 years
And I'll come back with grammy's
2 maybe 3
Marathon running
Stay a constant nominee
Industry leader
Yeah that's me
Boi-1da, No ID,
When I break up out minors see how major I will be?
Veni, vidi, vici
I'm all the over the tv, I'm all over the movies, I'm all over your cd and iPod whether u recognize or not. I'm producing every genre even country, out the country worldwide,
They gone be like who this kid
Who came in overnight
Whatcha mean by overnight
I'm been looking for this moment my whole life
Won't have my dream deferred
Potential infinite
What good is limitless potential without realizing it
I'm trying to harness it
My passion turned riches
Put my love to your ears
Let it enrich your spirit
I fight daily for the opportunity to let hear it
Vision of my dream yes a vision of my dream


from The O​.​P​.​P., released March 22, 2011


all rights reserved



Entelleckt St. Louis, Missouri

Sounds like a Cee-Lo, Andre 3000 and Lupe Fiasco cypher.

Fed up with the message of conformity broadcast to the masses, Entelleckt makes music to inspire you to follow your dreams, follow your passion, and think for yourself.

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